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How To Generate Automatic Leads With Paid Ads on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn AND Get Ongoing Updates, LIVE Calls along with a Private Facebook Group

(You can even have an assistant or other employee do it all for you)

  •  Facebook Ads With a Twang for Beginners Course - There are 20 total videos with accompanying worksheets.  Each video is broken down in step by step chunks to make it easy to follow even if you despise tech! 
  •  Updates / Changes -   Facebook ads change a lot. Some of those changes won't impact your ads but some of them you better know and find out fast! You'll get updates whenever there is a change that you need to know about as well as update to videos as necessary.

  •  2 Live Calls Per Month With Me -  Because I want to see you succeed and be able to make your paid advertising work I will be doing 2 live video calls each month where I'll answer questions, as well as do my famous 'Autopsy of Dead Facebook Ads' - Sometimes if they're just dying we will see about resuscitating them.

  •  Private Facebook Group - You'll get access to my Marketing With a Twang Facebook Group where there will be support from me, my team and other members. It won't always be instantaneous but your questions will be addressed and answered. There will also be a FAQ section for answers that you'll have access to as well.

  •  Facebook Ads for Coaches Course - This is designed for Life, Health, Business or other service providers who want to market their high end services using Facebook ads. There are 25 videos with worksheets and just like all my courses each video is step-by-step in small bite sized chunks. 

  •  High Ticket Coaching Webinar Course - This course will help you get your high ticket coaching offer ready by using automated webinars. This works well for coaches and other service providers to bring maximum profit while being as hands-off as possible.

Coming in 2019 courses which will be added to the membership

 * Facebook Ads With A Twang Remarketing Course - Take your Facebook ads to the next level with learning how to remarket by showing your ads to people who already have expressed an interest in your business

 * Facebook Ads With A Twang Messenger Bots - If you've been thinking about using messenger bots to grow your business, help with customer service or just interact with your customers then this course is for you

 * YouTube Ads With A Twang - Discover how to maximize your reach using YouTube and take your business to the next level.  YouTube is wide open right now and video is extremely powerful. You'll learn how to take advantage of this massive search engine.

 * Twitter Ads With A Twang - Learn how to use Twitter ads to grow your brand and sell your services even if you don't have ANY FOLLOWERS AT ALL!

 * LinkedIn With A Twang - LinkedIn is an incredible resource to find highly responsive leads. Don't think you can just throw together a LinkedIn ad and it just work. That is a very expensive lesson. Find out how to market the RIGHT way on LinkedIn.


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