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New to Facebook Ads? Start Here - My Podcast

This is my weekly podcast where I cover specific topics about how to use Facebook ads in less than 10 minutes at a time. 

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Get on my schedule! If you're thinking you might need some detailed help with your media buying - Facebook ads, YouTube, Gmail Ads or Google Display go ahead and get on my schedule.

Who is Ben Blackmon?

Ben is a lifetime entrepreneur from Knoxville, TN. With his two sons Jase and Evan and their dog Maddie he navigates the world of online marketing every single day by helping coaches, course creators, consultants and other service based businesses generate leads.

Ben created his first course in 2006 about real estate investing and sold it via teleseminar. 

Now he creates courses to help  entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls of online ads, funnels and gives simple easy to use strategies for successful marketing.



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